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Brallo is situated at 1050 mt of altitude on the mountains of the Appennino Pavese, in an area of great naturalistic interest, easy to reach. The surrounding woods are really natural reserves with beech-woods and pine-woods, rich of truffles and mushrooms.

Brallo is the ideal starting-point for pleasant walks along natural paths, but also for more binding excursions toward the ridges of the Lesima mount (1724 mt.) and the Colletta mount (1493 mt.).
It is also possible visiting other areas of great historical and naturalistic interest.
In the Middle Ages its placement on the banks of the Staffora made it an important centre for the transit of goods on the “Via del Sale” that joined the “Pianura Padana” to Genoa. The Valle Staffora reached its extreme splendour with the Malaspina’s marquisate, and Varzi testifies the ancient magnificence.
The historical centre amazes with its arcades, the churches, the towers and the castle. Recently it has been modernized the Cappuccini’s church, built in 1200.
Bobbio, in the Val Trebbia, is famous for its historical monuments: the bridge, called “Gobbo”, of Romanic age; the castle, built by Corradino Malaspina in 1300; San Colombano Abbey (VII cent.) and the monastery, important cultural centre in the Middle Ages.
The Trebbia river crosses Bobbio and runs in the valley; it attracts many people keen of fishing, canoa and rafting.
It has been founded in 1000 by the monk Alberto, on the reigns of a Romanic fortification. It is composed by 4 buildings realized in following ages and communicating one with the other.
Valuable for its frescos, dated 1484.
It is thought that here there is the tomb of the famous Edoardo II of England.
It is 17 km far from Brallo. It has been the birthplace of the Provençal culture in Italy.
The history of this building starts before 1000 and tells also about Dante Alighieri, Malaspina’s guest. 
After the recent restoration, in the castle it has been founded a museum of rustic history.

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