The sporting centre “Il Brallo”, next to Park Hotel Olimpia, is moreover a Federal Tennis Centre very famous and important. 

“Il Brallo” is also a well-known Milan Football Junior Camp, where boys and girls from 7 to 16 years old can practice their favourite sport, but not only thanks to all the other facilities of our centre.

It is a good opportunity for all those young people keen of football to attend a football -school of very high level and to improve their football qualities.

During this vacation, the aspirant champions will receive a judgement on their real possibilities.

The Milan Junior Camp offers one more surprise: those that will distinguish themselves will have the opportunity of realizing their dream: entering the field in Milano with Milano colours.


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They have been thought and realized to satisfy at the best our guests’ requirements, that can pleasantly live enjoying, from every room, the colours and suggestions of surrounding mountains. Park Hotel Olimpia offers 4room types....

Park Hotel Olimpia


The Park Hotel Olimpia, completely modernized is a good-quality choice. Our guests live in a pleasant and suggestive atmosphere full of cares for details, wisely harmonious in colours and materials. The hotel has 31 rooms...

Park Hotel Olimpia

Spa & Wellness

Park Hotel Olimpia offers to its guests a SPA provided with everything for an absolute relaxation, in an atmosphere of sweet music, perfums, essences of mountains.

SPA is also open to guests who do not stay in hotel...

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Restaurant & Catering

t is one of our strong points. The atmosphere is warm, comfortable and shining; from the wide windows you can enjoy an unique view, at the table you can taste the typical dishes of the Oltrepò Pavese...

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